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'A celebration of the best of humankind, and an uplifting piece of art for our times.' — Daily Beast
'A hit and a masterpiece! Joyous, uplifting and plenty of humor.' — Herald Sun
'A totally, soul-feedingly wonderful musical.' — TimeOut
'Beautifully gives people reason to come to the theater and come together.' — Chicago Tribune
'Takes you to a place you never want to leave.' — Newsweek

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Today the #ComeFromAway National Tour puts a pin in Des Moines, IA📍#WeAllComeFromAway
Today, on #NationalComplimentDay, we are working extra hard to spread kindness and compassion throughout the world! Tag someone below with a compliment and make their day a little brighter. 💙💛
“On the northeast tip of North America, on an Island called Newfoundland...”🌎📍 Finish the lyric chain down below! ⬇️ #TBT to our #ComeFromAway concert in the world’s largest walk-in refrigerator! 💛
“I took my first lesson, came down from the sky and told my father I’d fly for the rest of my life” 💙 What inspires you to overcome people saying “you can’t” or “you won’t” and keep following your dreams? 💛 #MeAndTheSky
“Knock knock” “Come on in- the door’s open!” 🌎 Hannah and Beulah’s friendship shows us that a good friend with a good sense of humor is sometimes all someone needs to brighten their day. 💛 #WeAllComeFromAway #YouAreHere 📍
We are here.📍Where have you joined us on The Rock? 🌎💛 #WeAllComeFromAway
Happy #SwingDay to all of our friends on Broadway! We’re always proud of our superhero #ComeFromAway standbys, but we’re so happy to have a special day to celebrate them! Lard tunder’n Jaysus, god bless ya, (stand)b’ys 💙💛 #EquityTeamSwing
“Suddenly I’ve got an all female crew” 🌎💙 Tag your crew down below! #MeAndTheSky
Whether you
“You’ll have to give her a smooch!” 🐟 #TBT to Nick and Diane’s initiation to become a Newfoundlander! 💙 #ScreechIn
Where our story starts. 📍
Stop the world...📸 #WeAllComeFromAway
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