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Performances of Come From Away on Broadway have been suspended through April 12th 2020. Learn More.
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Celebrating 3 Years
on Broadway

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'A celebration of the best of humankind, and an uplifting piece of art for our times.' — Daily Beast
'A hit and a masterpiece! Joyous, uplifting and plenty of humor.' — Herald Sun
'A totally, soul-feedingly wonderful musical.' — TimeOut
'Beautifully gives people reason to come to the theater and come together.' — Chicago Tribune
'Takes you to a place you never want to leave.' — Newsweek



When we’re feeling down, we remind ourselves about the joys of community and being the light in someone’s darkness to get us all through to the other side. As a community, our light shines brighter than as individuals.💙💛 #WeAllComeFromAway #ComeFromJoy
Today, on #WorldTheatreDay, we
Because we come from everywhere, our loved ones live everywhere, too!  If you’re sending from Toledo or you’re sending from Taipei, you can warm the hearts and homes of your loved one with a @FeltApp card! 💙💛Send them a personal message with a real, handwritten card- Use code COMEFROMAWAY to send your first card free!
Something to remember now and always. Though we are all physically apart, we come together to remind each other to "Be Anxious For Nothing" 💙💛 #WeAllComeFromAway
"Be anxious for nothing" - Today, and everyday, we
In times of darkness, we are inspired by the Newfoundlanders to share some light with a candle in the window. With community and togetherness, we can overcome anything. 💙💛#WeAllComeFromAway
As come from aways, we come together as individuals but we know we are so much stronger as a whole. In this time of darkness, join us as we come together for a celebration of all those who Come From Away. 💙💛#ThreeAndTheSky
Please contact your local venue for ticket exchanges or refunds. 💙💛 Soon, we will be back on The Rock on the road. “A candle’s in the window and the kettle’s always on."
Please contact your point of purchase for ticket exchanges or refunds. 💙💛Broadway performances of Come From Away are schedule today resume the week of April 13, 2020. “A candle’s in the window and the kettle’s always on."
We are here at the start of another moment- our three year anniversary on Broadway! We’re humbled and grateful for all the friends who have come from away to celebrate kindness, friendship, and community with us. We can’t wait to continue to find our hearts as we share this story with the world! 🌍📍#WeAllComeFromAway #ThreeAndTheSky
In celebration of our Third Anniversary on Broadway, our #AllFemaleCrew is headed to GMA3 tomorrow! Tune in to @StrahanSaraKeke at 1:00pm EST 💙💛#MeAndTheSky #WeAllComeFromAway
“There’s an airport – it used to be one of the biggest airports in the world. And next to it, is a town called Gander.” 📍Finish the lyric down below! #YouAreHere #StopTheWorld
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